Kansas State Cattlemen’s Day

On March 5th our dear teacher/mentor Elissa Mullinix took several Butler Ag students to K-State’s Cattlemen’s Day. It was certainly educational and a fun time. We were able to meet many influential industry members, learn about current research at Kansas State, and even see real time necropsies (post-mortem diagnosis). Several of the students really enjoyed “Climate Change: Implications for Agriculture” an educational speech by Dr. Patrick J. Michaels from George Mason University.

Personally I got to meet Crystal Young and that was REALLY exciting. She just happens to have a career that I am looking into and I learned a lot about things I can do in regards to internships by talking to her. What’s even cooler about her though is that she is a Butler grad! She judged for Chris and I think that her growing up in Canada makes her even more interesting. Everybody should definatly check out her blog – http://www.cdycattle.blogspot.com/ – it’s awesome!

-Morgan Meisenheimer

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