Raising the Bar Conference

A couple weeks ago, I had the opportunity to travel to Iowa for a leadership conference called Raising the Bar. This is put on by the National Jr. Angus Association’s board of directors. The participants of the conference did team building activities, learned about the importance of good communication, interview and resume tips, and had the opportunity to listen to Dr. Tomson speak. He is the head of the Vet School at Iowa State University. We also toured the Iowa State University campus, and my friend Meghan and I proudly wore our K-State purple since the two schools were playing that night! I will admit that our team lost, but we still represented well up North! 

The participants doing a team building activity. The objective was to have everyone stand on the silver side, and without ever stepping off, flip it over to the blue side. Its a lot more complicated then we thought it would be!

A new (at least to me!) technology that we learned about was what is called Retinal Scanning. Just as it sounds, they use this little fancy machine to scan the retinas of the eyes of the animal. State Fairs have started replacing nose printing with this new technique.  

Even though trips such as these are meant to be educational and for the participants to learn something, it also serves as a great excuse to hang out with your friends that you don’t get to see very often! One of the activites we did was we went to this place called Perfect Games. There, they had bowling and lazer tag and a lot of archade games. It was for sure a goode time! We may not have the opportunity to get together very often, but when we do we have a lot fun! 🙂 

A few of us at Perfect Games.

Angus enthusiasts from Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota attended the conference. Butler's own Clinton Laflin (front row, far left) is a 'green jacket' which means he is one of the 12 directors!

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