State FFA CDE’s

This post is dedicated to what was my favorite club in high school, FFA. This weekend was state CDE’s (career development events). Now, for those of you who were not fortunate enough to have the opportunity to be active in CDE’s, I’ll briefly explain what they are. In a nutshell, they are just contests that students compete in to better themselves in certain areas. For example, a few I competed in were Livestock Judging, Creed Speaking, Prepared Public Speaking, Job Interview and Dairy Foods. However, my favorites were Ag Communications and Ag Sales (which, FYI: the Fredonia team just won, so they get to go to Nationals now, and my sister is on the team! I feel as though I helped to mold those kids into what they are today since I, too was once on the Ag Sales team) I couldn’t be more proud of them!

Anyway, by the end of my Senior year, I had a SEVERE case of Senioritis and just wanted to be done with everything. However, people keep texting me telling me how state CDE’s are going… and I’m finding myself really wishing I was there! My best memories from High School were made of FFA trips. We traveled to Manhattan many times, Washington D.C., and Indiana- just to name a few places. I wouldn’t trade those experiences for anything! 🙂

A group of us in Washington D.C.

Posing on the steps of the United States Department of Agriculture. Our group got to take a tour of it!

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