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Road Tripping

June 15, 2010

Wow what a week. This past week was one that was full of adventure. It started out with my family and I heading to Iowa for The World Pork Expo. That was an 18 hour drive or 1,060 miles. Tuesday was check-in for the show, then the show was Thursday. Thursday afternoon we pack an apartment in the trailer and my dad and sister headed south to Texas. My mother and I stayed in Iowa for the judging contest at Pork Expo. Friday after the contest we also head to Texas, another 13 hours on the road. But, after only two hours on the road we got a flat tire. So, we ended up sitting on the side I-35 for three hours waiting to get a tire fixed, because the car had no spare! Well, we finally found our way to Texas just to get in the truck with dad and head back to Georgia. Which made it a total of 45 hours or 2,733 miles on the road. I am glad to be back home if it is only for a week!