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2010-2011 Butler Ag Ambassador Executive Officers

August 31, 2010

President:Chandler Akins; Vice President:Whitney Darr; Secretary:Heather Hedrick; Treasurer:Analena Simmons

Welcome Back!

August 24, 2010

A new school year has started! I have two great new roomies, Alyson from North Carolina and Katy from Texas. We are all having fun getting to know each other. It’s great to be back and see my friends that I havent seen since May! I hope everyone had a great summer. I know I sure did 🙂 I was fortunate enough to take several trips and go a few places I have never been. I’ll talk about each of those trips in a blog, so to kick off my Summer adventures, I’m going to tell you all about the beach!

Two of my roomies (Sarah and Kallie) and I wanted to take a trip somewhere together just to hang out one more time before our three-month separation. So, after discussing a few places, we decided Panama City, Florida would be perfect 🙂 Now, while these savvy Georgians have been to the beach a few times, this was a first for this land-locked Kansas girl! Let me tell you, we had a blast!

To begin my journey, I first swung by Ariton, Alabama to visit the boyfriend where I met all his family and watched his sister graduate from High School. He actually happened to be right on the way to Panama City as he only lives a couple of hours North of there.

When I finally arrived, I was greeted by Kallie and Sarah and Sarah’s best friend, Emilia. They had already been soaking up the sun for a day so, so they were already beginning to resemble the color of a lobster. We stayed two nights and three days and had sooo much fun laying on the beach, Put-Put golfing, watching movies, riding go-karts,  swimming in the Gulf, and eating AMAZING food. I give the restaurants in Panama City props for serving Certified Angus Beef! It was for sure a trip to remember with the best friends a girl could ask for! And yes, we plan on taking a trip this next summer as well 🙂

Myself, Sarah, Emilia and Kallie in Panama City, Fl

Stay tuned for the next post about my summer trips 🙂