Butler Alumni-Where Are They Now?

Crystal Young-Butler Community College Alumni

As an instructor it’s exciting to watch Butler CC Alumni find their niche in the Agricultural world. For some this means a return to the family farm. Many others continue their education at the university level. From time to time on the Butler Agvocates blog I’d like to draw attention to Butler Community College Alumni. Through blogs of their own they have set out to raise awareness about agricultural issues and also to introduce themselves to the world as members of the agricultural community. Their blogs are a fun (not always serious) peek into the lives of young professionals who love agriculture.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to Crystal Young. Crystal is a graduate of BCC and also K-State. She is a native of Alberta, Canada who now works as the Assistant Director of Public Relations for the American Angus Association. I could tell you about Crystal’s exciting life but you would learn a lot more if you followed her on her blog at Crystal.Cattle. She writes regularly and is a lot of fun to follow.

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One Comment on “Butler Alumni-Where Are They Now?”

  1. Thanks for highlighting me. Even though, I was thousands of miles away from home Butler quickly became an awesome second home. The people I met there through the Livestock Judging Team and ag school will always be family to me!

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