A European Adventure

Those of you who may know me are well aware that livestock is one of my passions, but what some of you may not know is that I have also adventured into the world of Dairy Judging (please do not judge me! :D). I was a participant on the Maryland State Dairy Judging Team last year and we were fortunate enough to experience great success that has allowed for a tremendous experience; a 2 week trip to Europe!

The trip is fully documented in an in depth (and humorous) blog that I have provided a link to. It is very descriptive so I’ll save some room on this blog and just incorporate a few pictures 🙂


-Morgan Meisenheimer

The Supreme Champion of the Royal Highlander Show… the Hereford Bull! Chris would have been so proud 🙂 Although I doubt this bull would win the Lousiville or Denver bull show, I was actuall impressed with him as he was by some margin the soundest structured beef animal that I saw in Scotland.

This is the Champion Cheviot Ram at the National Highland Show. Scotland has a phenominal sheep industry in my opinon... moderate, good bodied, heavy muscled and sound! There is a much higher demand for lamb in Europe and driving through the countryside you see as many sheep in the pastures as cattle!

This is a pretty typical Holstein female in Scotland. Although they are impressed by the tremendous amount of milk that American Holsteins produce they feel like they are too big and skinny and thus take to much feed. In general they don't have the facilities to have such large cattle so they use our genetics but try to keep them more moderate in size and have a bit more fleshing ability.

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