Greetings from the Hoosier State!

Hello all! 🙂 My name is Kinzie Selke, and I am an eighteen year old a freshman at Butler Community College! I am fortunate enough to be born and raised on a small farm in north central Indiana. My family grows mostly corn and soybeans, but what I found a passion for at an early age was the club calf/ commercial cattle that we raise. My dad and I own only about 40 head of cows (much smaller than some of my fellow Butler peers!), but it has truly been what I have loved doing my entire life. I was also fortunate enough to grow up in a community that was highly supportive of the 4-h and FFA programs. I spent most of my junior high and high school career doing various activities within these groups. It was here that I first became excited about livestock judging.

My 4-H livestock judging team won our state contest in May (I am third from left in this photo), and we will proudly be representing Indiana at the National 4H Contest in November. I have four other Butler teammates that won the same honor and will be representing their respective states! I look forward to winning many more banners with them and others on the Butler livestock judging team!

So, that leads me to why I am attending Butler Community College, known for a national recognized livestock judging team thats 11 hours from home instead of Butler University, known for a national recognized basketball team thats about 40 minutes from home! I had always heard of Butler CC judging team, and I always had high hopes for attending here. Long story short….I came here to be on the livestock judging team…but never realized that I would be apart of something much greater- the “Butler family” (as we like to call it!). And I most definitely did not realize that in my four short weeks of living in El Dorado that I’d actually have another home and have met so many amazing individuals along the way. Truly could not imagine starting my college career at a better school than Butler Community College! 🙂

After my two years at Butler, I plan on transferring to either Oklahoma State University or Kansas State University. Although I am currently unsure of my major, it will most likely have to do with agriculture communications and/or journalism. I also plan on continuing to raise cattle with my family.

Thanks for reading my first blog! 😛 I will close with a quote that reminds me of the education I am receiving at Butler…..

“The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.” -Sydney J. Harris

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