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Hey everyone!  I suppose before I get started I’ll take a quick moment to introduce myself.  My name is Analena Simmons and I am currently a sophomore at Butler Community College.  Like several of my fellow bloggers, I am also current member of the nationally recognized livestock judging team here at Butler.  I’m originally from Barnard, KS, which is a very, very, very small town in North Central Kansas.  I grew up on a very small family farm where my grandma grew wheat, milo, soybeans, and alfalfa and my close and extended family raised a few head of commercial cattle.  However about six years ago my dad and brother began a new enterprise by purchasing a few head of Boer cross meat goats and starting their own meat goat herd.  What started as just two show does has quickly turned into a 60+ head herd of percentage Boer genetics.  Over the years I was also very active in showing cattle, hogs, sheep, and meat goats.

Just a couple of our fall kidding nannies. The dark headed one in front is actually one of our original 2 does!

Anyways, now that you know just a little bit about me I’ll quit talking about myself and move on to something else.  I’ve always had this thing for quotes.  Inspirational quotes, funny quotes, informational quotes, motivational quotes…you get the idea.  It’s kind of an addiction I suppose, and I honestly think I got it from my dad since he is always find me new quotes just for the fun of it.  Well my dad recently found one ag related quote that I wanted to share with you:

Agriculture is a business.  Farming without a financial motive is gardening.”                            – Russ Parsons

I honestly like this quote because it is very true.  I don’t know a single farmer or rancher that sets out to lose money with his or her operation.  While it is no doubt true farming is an entire way of life for us, it is also a business and major source of income for many people.

However, what I truly find to be more interesting than the quote itself is the man who said it.  Russ Parson is a food editor and columnist for none other than the Los Angles Times.  This is a man from a major metropolitan area with little, if any, experience with actually sitting in a tractor plowing the fields that grow the crops for the food he critiques or working the steers providing the steaks he gets to eat at fancy 5 star restaurants, yet he still understands the fact that we don’t grow this food just for the fun of it.  As much as we love it, we want, and need, to benefit from farming financially.  I personally find it extremely refreshing to hear a “city slicker” defend agriculture.

What do you think?

Here’s the website of the article this quote is from.


I encourage you to read it!  It’s very interesting to read his opinions about farming and how it is changing and how it affects anyone who eats, but I also encourage you to take what he says with a grain of salt.

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