Let’s find a little positivity!

   Let’s face it…college tests are a big deal. The night before the test, it is common to cram-pack studying and make sure you are 100% fully prepared for the test. So you think, how awful would it be to show up to class one day and see your teacher handing out tests and scantrons and you never knew there was a test?? Well, let me tell ya, because unfortunately, I experienced just that this week. Now, before you begin making generalizations that I must be a bad student and simply ill-prepared, I assure you I am not!! I am the type of student who is always prepared no matter what….so, the whole “not knowing about a test” ordeal was NOT good! I’m quite sure for the first ten minutes of class, I sat at the table and simply stared at the test in shock! Luckily, one of my fellow livestock judging teammates was sitting next to me (he also had no clue about the test either!) looked over at me and said “Wellp, just answer the questions”. So I did. And I’m quite certain I did……quite poorly on that test. After I left the building, I pulled out my calendar and looked to the date, no test written down! Apparently, I wrote the test on the WRONG DATE! Instead of writing “test on tuesday”, I wrote “test on thursday” which, I must say is certainly not a good thing! So, the rest of the day didn’t go so well after that as I was pretty bummed!

BUT! As the saying goes “What goes down, must come up” (okay, maybe it’s the other way around :)) but seriously, my attitude HAD to improve. And you know what? It did! At the beginning of the week I had planned out my days and had written in big letters “STUDY FOR TEST” on Wednesday night  – for my supposed test on thursday! And you know what?? It’s Wednesday night and I do not have to study for a test!! 🙂 instead, I am catching up on some hard core cleaning – not that my house is beyond filthy or anything – and taking the time to blog and give one word of advice….always keep your head up!!

Sometimes in life, we are going to face a few obstacles and days that just flat stink, but never let it get to ya! Hold your head up high, keep a smile on your face, and attack your days with eager happiness! 🙂

Best of luck -Emily-

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One Comment on “Let’s find a little positivity!”

  1. I think this happens to everyone at least once.

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