The AkSarBen Adventure

So I’m sure you have seen several recent posts about our marathon judging weekend.  We started the weekend at home in El Dorado for the Flint Hills Classic Judging Contest, moved on to Wichita bright and early Saturday morning for the Mid-America Contest, and rounded out the weekend with the sophomores and the 4 freshmen girls still competing as 4-Hers heading to Omaha, Nebraska for the AkSarBen Contest.

You can read about all of our results in Morgan’s recent post, so I won’t restate that, but we all had a great weekend!!

Anyways, our trip up to Nebraska was quite interesting to say the least. It began by leaving Wichita around 9 pm to start the several hour drive to Omaha. We reached what was supposed to be our hotel for the already short night at approximately 3 am, only to find out that the hotel GAVE OUR ROOMS AWAY!! (Needless to say, Coach Chris was not happy…) So we began the search for another place to sleep, and around 3:40 in the morning we finally found a Candlewood Suites to stay at and most of us make it to bed around 4 am after unpacking the trailer, getting room keys, and showering. I think it was the general consensus that those were the most comfortable beds for the whopping 2 hours of sleep we got.

The story only gets more interesting when we attempt to actually get to the contest the next morning. We are literally so close to the Qwest Center that we could see it!  However it was just our luck that Omaha decided to host a marathon the same morning of our contest.  We sat at a stop light for 45 minutes waiting on these runners!! Eventually, we gave in and WALKED to the contest, which the officials were nice enough to wait for us to start.

However, personally, I think the results made the contest well worth it.  Plus, it makes for quite the story 🙂

This just shows how dedicated we are to judging.

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One Comment on “The AkSarBen Adventure”

  1. Haha!! A weekend for the recordbooks!! Love it (:

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