What do you Call Normal?

Well you can surly see from the previous posts that we had one interesting weekend however all in all I think it was a good way to start out our sophomore judging career.  But instead of spotlighting on the present I decided to tell you a little more about myself and family. As you no I grew up in Central Wyoming raising Cattle and Show pigs.  My Family consists of My brother Jeremiah (29) Casey (25), Me Whitney (19) and my father Kelly (56), and I no why some of you may be thinking where is my mother. Well in 2003 she got a fast acting leukemia and passed away, my father Kelly has had Multiple Sclerosis since I was born over 19 years ago and is to the point that he has to be taken care of. So my family situation isn’t as “normal” as you would think. So after these things both happened my brother Jeremiah was left the position of raising his 12 year old sister and guiding and helping Casey with his life also.  To also add to this he was left with taking care of our family ranch, our father, and Casey and I. Not an easy task to say the least for a 21 year old kid. Now I no some of you are saying wow already but this is not where the mishaps and tragedy ends. On October 5 2008 our house burnt down and badly injuring my brother Casey. He had over 70% of his body in 3rd degree burns and was transported to the Greeley Colorado burn center and stay there for many months, he had many skin graphs and surgeries,  But now he is doing amazing and bounced back from an amazing feat and I am so proud of him. Yes I no some of you are thinking wow we have been through so much, and yes I no that we have but you never get anywhere dwelling in the past so why it doesn’t get you anything to sit around and feel sorry for yourself. You have to look at what you have been dealt and take whatever hand you have and pretty much run with it and live life to the fullest. That is one of my motto’s and I think is a great way to look at things.

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4 Comments on “What do you Call Normal?”

  1. Mom Says:

    I admire your attitude. You have a lot to give to others.

  2. brandi horr Says:

    Hey Whit. Just thought I would let you know your my hero.

    • whitneydarr Says:

      Brandi I dont know if i am worthy enough to be a hero but my goals in life are to try to always set a good example and take what has been given to me and do the best with it!!!

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