This past weekend was my town’s Homecoming, which is a huge deal, as it is with most towns. It was extra special because my baby sister, Esther, was elected to run for Homecoming Princess. Our Homecoming royalty works a little different from most school’s. It is considered to be a ‘community’ event rather than a ‘school’ event. Therefore, instead of the students voting on the winners, the girls running for princess and queen are crowned based on an interview, and princess candidates give a three-minute bio and the queen candidates present a talent. The Boyfriend even got to experience the pageant this year!

Esther giving her speech! Isn't she super sassy?!

After sitting through two hours of bios and listening to singing and watching dancing, the moment of truth finally arrived! And let me tell you, I was VERY nervous! (I’m pretty sure I may have been more anxious than Esther was about the results!) The 2009 Princess gave her speech, took her ‘last royal walk’ (all the while I’m sitting on the edge of my seat, my nerves pretty much frazzled)  and finally, the mayor came out to crown the new princess. If you haven’t guess it yet, I’ll go ahead and tell you that Esther won! Oh my goodness, was I ever super excited! It’s even cooler because I won it when I was a Junior, too!

The family (minus Ethan) after the pageant!

Isn’t she super beautiful?! 🙂 And then she got to ride on the top of the princess float in the parade on Saturday. But the weekend wasn’t all fun and games. Some clipping had to be done for our upcoming female sale. And let me tell ya, herding calves is MUCH harder than herding cows. (we didn’t clip the calves, but we still had to get them in) This one little guy in particular sent my dad and I on a wild goose chase after it, and finally, after going in every direction except the one it was supposed to go, my dad picked the little feller up and it just rode on the 4-wheeler with him. Quick and clever me whipped out my camera and caught the Kodak moment on film!

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