Another Late night left thinking….

Well as October 5 came and went today had a lot of mixed feeling for me. After going to bed at 4 am and waking up at 7 am I still had many thoughts passing through my mind. Two years ago yesterday marked the day that once again challenged my family and as I was remembering events of that day/ night I was having many feelings and emotions of sadness and wonderment. Why did this have to happen to my family? Why were we getting tested once again? Why couldnt my brother not get hurt in the process, it took my house why did it have to badly burn my brother? These thoughts ran through my head all last night and a majority of  the early morning.  However after my first class I went and had just a nice casual conversation with a friend and it calmed me down and brought me back to normal. It made me realize once again that things do not happen to people who are not capable of handling them, and because of this I feel fortunate that my family has the ability to adjust and adapt and recover from such events. Even though they keep coming and coming one after another and we sometimes cannot seem to find a break.

Yet when talking to my brother he made me feel a little better, he told me how finally after two years and many road blocks along the way my family had a live-able house back out at the ranch, and they were in the process of getting things reestablished and in working order. Along with him telling me this I started to think wow not only did the house burning down test our families strength and each and every person ability to withstand such difficult circumstances it also threw twists and turns into our daily routine. How many people can say that within two years they have lived in over 5 different places/houses that they don’t call “home”. You are just temporary there until all the cards can get lined (which took forever) up to get the new house built. With doing this I learned to adapt and to not get to attached to certain unnecessary things. You learn to only take  and have the important things that you must have. I think this is a great thing for a person to go through in a lifetime, and bare with me this is where I might get a little corny, the universe is always in constant motion, and when things or people get to complacent and in a routine is when things are either lost or forgotten or is when a major event happens.  With having the ability to adapt and be versatile with my surroundings (and ya I no I sound like a dang chameleon  haha)  it gives me an upper hand with whatever endeavors come my way with the future. 🙂

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One Comment on “Another Late night left thinking….”

  1. Mom Says:

    Your attitude is great, glad you got through this rough anniversary. Hang in there.

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