Meet Our President Chandler Akins

So many of us bloggers have already introduced you readers to ourselves. However, most of you may not know our beloved President  Chandler Parish Akins. 🙂 If you can not tell by the end of this blog I consider Chandler to be a dear friend and think quite highly of him and honestly, I believe you will as well.

Chandler with his Mom & Sister

To start out on some background info: Chandler, a sophomore, is the 19-year-old son of Parish and Sarah Akins. He has a 15-year-old sister Callie and they are 5th generation farmers in Nashville, Georgia. On their 2,000 acres they raise cattle, corn, cotton and peanuts. The Akins are a family deeply tied with their conservative beliefs and strong religious convictions. In fact, they attend the Fair Haven Primitive Baptist Church three days a week. Unlike most of us Ag Ambassadors, Chandler was actually home schooled. Certainly that allows for the occasion joke, but we love him regardless :). 

Chandler is an extremely hard worker in all aspects of his life, this is something that was truly instilled in him throughout his upbringing. He always is working towards accomplishing his goals whether that be grades or livestock judging. I believe he genuinely has that capability of being a leader, not necessarily because of his ability to talk, although he can certainly blab for extended periods of time, but more so because of his day-to-day actions.  He is a firm believer of taking every opportunity allotted and this is why he has accomplished the things he has already in his short life. One of the things that I personally love about Chandler is his ability to like nearly everybody. He is not the person who creates enemies. He is more than willing to help anybody with anything (especially schoolwork!).   

Beyond this, Chandler is quite the dancer. Seeing that we are college students we try to have fun when we are not doing schoolwork or judging and sometimes that means we dance. If you don’t believe in his dancing skills just check out the series of pictures we affectionately refer to as “The Evolution of Chandler Getting Low. ” 

Also, here is the link to the Akin’s website: 

The Evolution of Chandler Getting Low

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