The Cooking Adventures of 4 College Ag Girls

So we all know that college students LOVE to eat.  Actually, most people love to eat, but it seems that college students tend to eat a lot! (Hence the dreaded “freshman 15”) However, some of us girls tend to try to watch our figures and not always chose the easy option of eating out, which means we must keep searching for new recipes and different foods to cook. Elissa recently introduced our fellow blogger and one of my best friends, Hannah, to the Pioneer Woman blog which is full of awesome recipes that the author, Ree Drummond, tries out and provides step-by-step instructions for with pictures! The other night the Towanda girls, Hannah, Kallie, and Sarah, and I tried out Grilled Chicken and Pineapple Quesadillas.  Here’s some pictures of how it went for us!

The recipe on Hannah's laptop guiding us along on our adventure

We used fresh pineapple in our quesadillas, and this was Hannah's first experience cutting a whole pineapple. Success!

One of the steps was to pound the chicken flat so it cooks more evenly, and Kallie used a rolling-pin to do this. Not exactly what the Pioneer Woman recommended, but it worked!

Here's the chicken all seasoned up sitting on the George Foreman grill! It smelled amazing!

While the chicken was cooking I was toasting the tortillas in a pan and cooking the pineapple (which we were supposed to grill, but our grill was slightly preoccupied with the chicken)

After the chicken was cooked and sauced Hannah cut it into small pieces for assembly. Yes, we tasted it (for quality control purposes, of course) and it was really good! We couldn't wait to finish them!

Finally we made it to the assembly stage of the quesadillas.

Last step!! The fully assembled quesadilla was put on the grill for just a few minutes to melt the cheese and toast everything together.

Ta Da!!! 4 finished quesadillas for 4 hard-working, starving college girls!

Even though Sarah was slightly distracted by a very important phone conversation with her best friend,Emilia, from way back home in Georgia and couldn't help us out a lot in the cooking phases we were still nice enough to let her eat one. 🙂 And she approved! Very successful, tasty supper.

We had a great time testing out this recipe and documenting our experience and can’t wait to test out the next Pioneer Woman recipe!

To find this recipe and many others, as well as another awesome blog, visit

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4 Comments on “The Cooking Adventures of 4 College Ag Girls”

  1. hannahmccabe Says:

    HEY! I told you to crop me out of that one picture! Thanks a lot. But great post! And yes, they were amaaaazing :):)

  2. annas11 Says:

    But it’s such a cute pic! Sorry I forgot about cropping you out 😦

  3. hannahmccabe Says:

    Oh its okay. Ill forgive you this time!

  4. edabeat Says:

    Thanks so much for sharing the website that you used to make this recipe. It looks really good! I have learned from making my own quesadillas that when you use a pan to toast the tortillas, butter gives it really good flavor and they won’t burn as fast. Just put some butter on the pan and flip the tortilla on both sides until you are happy with the way it looks. Happy cooking!

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