The Barn; The Place To Be!

In the ag world fall is certainly a unique time of year, especially if you show livestock. Major shows like the ongoing American Royal in Kansas City and the upcoming N.A.I.L.E in Louisville, KY are the kind of events that livestock enthusiasts look forward to all year; and it is no different here at Butler! In fact, we have several freshman students who plan to compete at these shows.

Now you may wonder, if they are at school how in the world are they taking care of their animals? Aren’t many of them several states away from home? Well, it turns out that the Hess family, a major supporter of Butler Ag, has an older barn that they allow students to rent.

Recently the barn has been filled with barrows geared for the Royal, Taylor’s newly acquired barrow “Johnny Bad-Hocks,” and Willie’s shorthorn steer. No doubt, when preparing for a major show there is an abundant amount of work and that means man power is needed. So it turns out, the barn is the place to be!

Here are some pictures so you can get a part of the experience 🙂

The Barn also happens to be a fine place to do homework! Just ask Morgan, Paige and Bailey!


Jarod, Maverick, Barrett & Chandler are just a few of the boys you can find at the barn

One of the barrows that has lived in the barn.


But the barn is not the only place animals have a place with Butler Ag students’ lives… recently Barrett brought little miss Caiman Carlisle to El Dorado. She is a little Corgi puppy and is quite precious 🙂

Miss Caiman Carlisle

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