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Happy Turkey Day!!

November 25, 2010

We all have so much to be thankful for, and as this year starts to wind down it’s a great time to think back to everything that has happened to us in the past year that we are thankful for.  Of course, I’m thankful for my family, my friends, and all the opportunities that have come my way in the past year.  I’ve been blessed with an amazing family that supports me, an amazing judging team with one heck of a drive to succeed, and amazing friends that I can depend on.

But what would Thanksgiving be without all the amazing food we are all eating today??  One last thing I, and my stomach, are thankful for are the farmers that contributed to everything on our table today.

What all are you thankful for?

Be sure to thank a farmer for your food!  And have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

My First Ever Midnight Premier!

November 24, 2010

So unless you have been living under a rock for the past few months, chances are you are aware that the first part of the 7th Harry Potter premiered last Friday morning at midnight! And guess who was in attendance- THIS KID! It was my very first midnight premier ever! 

Now Im a rookie in the whole Harry Potter world. I read my first one back in August and am now officially a nerd (according to my roomies anyway) But I’m okay with it because they books are so great. 

A few weekends ago (the second weekend in October, to be exact) Sarah, Kallie, Analena and I had an HP movie marathon and rented all six movies and watched them! Oh it was great. Kallie didn’t start a Harry Potter fan (and in fact was making fun of us) but by about movie numero cuatro she was watching intently. Yep, Harry has magic powers that work on even the most skeptical.

All six movies! Yes, I was so excited I took a picture!

Now Im not sure if I can wait until July 15, aka when part two comes out! Ahhh!


November 22, 2010

Dreams Come True When You Chase Them With Your Best Friends

November 19, 2010


Floor members were Chandler Akins, Barrett Carlisle, Whitney Darr, Ethan James & Morgan Meisenheimer


  • Morgan Meisenheimer: High Individual Overall, 1st Reasons, 1st Cattle
  • Chandler Akins: 4th High Individual Overall, Tied for 2nd in Reasons, 3rd Cattle
  • Barrett Carlisle: 19th Overall
  • Ethan James: 22nd Overall

The TeamNational Champs!

  • High Team Overall, 1st Cattle, 2nd Oral Reasons, 4th Sheep

Now for some pictures!!!

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Down in Mississippi & Up to No Good!

November 17, 2010

Yeppers! I went to Mississippi this weekend! And pretty much every other Southern state it seemed, including Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia and Kentucky! Whew! (& p.s.- I just love the song Down in Mississippi by Sugarland!)

Our trip started bright and early (4:30 am, to be exact) Friday morning. By Friday afternoon, we had made it to Tennessee and were delivering some pairs from our sale.

The South is absolutely beautiful this time of year. Here are some trees in Tennessee and Georgia.

Next stop after Tennessee was Mississippi to deliver some commercial heifers a man bought over the summer. We then headed to EE Ranches in Wynona and stayed with Jack Evans for the night. He took us to the most AMAZING mexican place called El Cabrito. Translated it means “the goat”, and its times like that that I wish I wasn’t a Spanish minor. But my beef fajitas were still delicious, regardless of the questionable name. Look how tall these trees are. I think this might have been in Alabama? But I really have no idea.

Georgia was next, where we picked up 13 Hereford bulls that we are developing and selling. And of course everything was gorgeous there, too.

Okay, so obviously we still had to go to Louisville for a couple of days. So we ended up keeping our newly acquired bulls at a ranch in Shelbyville (right outside Louisville). We were told that Shelbyville is the Saddlebred capital of the world. Not Thoroughbred, but Saddlebred. Apparently there is a difference. And if you know, would you please tell me?! All I know about it is that there were a lot of A-Ma-Zing horse farms on the way to this Angus ranch! And the coolest part is, the guy who owned the ranch established the first Texas Road House. Although I didn’t get to meet him, Im still eternally grateful to Mr. Taylor! And he lived on Hannah Road, so of course I had to stop and take a picture 🙂

And finally, late Sunday morning, we arrived in Louisville. By this time, I had logged so many hours in a truck that I could hardly stand what awaited me at the exposition center! Showing friends, the judging team and a multitude of Angus industry people were there. It never fails that when ever I get with friends, no matter their age, where they are from, if I see them everyday or five times a year, we laugh, joke, have a great time, and ultimately create memories that make all the hours on the road in the truck worthwhile!

Butler Alumni-Complete the Circle

November 15, 2010

Butler Alumni: Ryan Bennett

Butler Alumni, Ryan Bennett has never been one to leave potential opportunities unexplored.  For those who know Ryan, you would expect that he might deviate from his “plan of the moment.”  However, in doing so he gathered a wealth of experience.  Ryan is originally from Woodbine, Maryland.  Yes, there is Agriculture in Maryland.  For Ryan, the opportunity to venture out and experience Ag in another part of the country really opened his eyes to the industry.

 Ryan attended Butler Community College and earned a degree in Agriculture. He competed on what he describes as the most successful Livestock Judging Team ever assembled (other teams from other years continue to debate this claim) and was a member of the Butler Ag club.  In Ryan’s words, 

“When I went to school at Butler I came from a culture that consistently turned its back on agriculture. Many told me to major in anything but agriculture. Listening to what I had been told, I attended Butler College only if I could major in Political Science. Even though Chris let me know I could combine my love for agriculture and politics, I did what I was told and started college with hopes of earning a degree in Poli Sci. So, I lived my double life and couldn’t speak highly enough of the professors I had on the other side of campus. I also helped run a fellow classmates campaign for Mayor of El Dorado. Brandon Light received a lot of media attention from the Wichita news stations for running for Mayor as a student of the college.”

 It didn’t take long for Ryan to figure out that Chris (Mullinix) was right! Actually it’s difficult to think of a job, interest area or degree path that can’t be combined with Agriculture.  Ryan would tell you that looking for ways to be involved, even as a student, helped make him successful.

 After graduating from BCC, Ryan attended Kansas State University where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Communications.  In addition to his studies Ryan was a successful member of the Policy Debate Team, earning the distinction of being the 4th High Speaker at the National Junior Division Debate Tournament.

 Today, Ryan lives in Maryland and works as the Manager of Public Policy Relations at the National Grain and Feed Association (NGFA). To put it in perspective NGFA has over 1,000 members with over 6,000 facilities made up of grain elevators, feed and feed ingredient manufacturers, grain and oilseed processors, livestock and poultry integrators, and others who provide services to the industry. Ryan’s job is to lobby Congress, help in coordinating PAC (Political Action Committee) activities, and head up our grassroots efforts on behalf of these members and industry partners. His grassroots efforts center around getting membership more active in informing and influencing their congressional delegation (i.e. writing letters). 

 If Ryan’s job sounds complicated please understand the he is truly living out his dream of mixing Agriculture and legislative policy making.  As agriculturalists we should be relieved that we have lobbyists working on our behalf in Washington D.C.  In his free time Ryan continues to work on political campaigns-he sees firsthand how important elections are and how decisions at the voting booth can drastically change policy regarding production agriculture. He says,

“As long as groups of people in D.C. continue to show they do not understand the way things are done outside of this place, I will remain here ready to remind them.”

Ryan started his journey towards a career in Agriculture because people around him, family friends, 4-H leaders helped him out.  Today, Ryan has taken what he knows about Kansas Agriculture back home.  He volunteers by coaching his county’s 4-H livestock judging team.  He uses the skills that he learned at BCC to inspire the next generation.  Like many Butler graduates, he has returned home and is working to complete the circle by giving back in his local community.

Butler Livestock Judging team that Ryan Bennett was a member of. Was it the best team ever assembled? The debate rages on!

Going once, going twice, SOLD!

November 9, 2010

Yep, today was it. The big one. The day of truth. What we have all been waiting for. Sale day. Such little words for such a big day. It was the first time we have ever had a female sale separate from our annual bull sale in March. Overall it was pretty good, and the weather was great! Below are a few scenes from the day.

Rance Long and I in the block. He manages, I clerk.


Ethan and Esther work the in and out gates in the ring.
Matt Caldwell takes bids.
Flinton manages all the sight unseen bids. He has about three phones in use all the time and stands on a chair in the back in order to keep up with the sale.
My Dad! He always orchestrates the activities out back. As he puts it, he has never “attended” any of our sales.
Even though they are crazy, sales are always fun and worth all the effort!

The Infamous Head of Hair…

November 8, 2010

If you have attened Butler or simply know Chris Mullinix, there is no denying…his hair is perfect. Never a hair out of place, Chris has created a reputation not only as a coach and judge, but for tremendously well tamed hair folicles.

However, what Chris may not be aware of is that sophomore judger, Ethan James, may be able to outdo him. If only we had a notch more hair spray, repetition of blow drying methods, and ideally cut hair, there would be no question in my mind… Ethan can pull off the Chris!

At the Kansas State fair... the first attempt to pull off 'The Chris'

Butler Alumni-No Limits!

November 3, 2010

Butler CC Alumni: Krisha Custis (on right); Krisha judged this Colorado Jr. Angus Association show.

Few students can or ever will be able to match the sheer determination and will to succeed of Krisha Custis.  Krisha is originally from Saratoga, Wyoming.  Growing up Krisha was involved with several different species of livestock, but found a true passion for hogs and the swine industry.  Krisha came to school here at Butler Community College and competed on the 2003-2004 Livestock Judging Team.  She was also a member of Phi theta kappa.  During her time here at Butler she was a tough competitor in the classroom and on the team. 

 After Butler she transferred to Colorado State University where she double majored in Animal Science and Ag Business.  In addition to a successful Livestock Judging Career at the Sr. College level Krisha was also involved with Ag Ambassadors. 

 Since her graduation from CSU Krisha has worked as a Show Feed Specialist with ADM Alliance Nutrition.  She consults with customers and also with a large dealer network to educate them about ADM products and also how those products should be used.  She also represents ADM at Livestock Events around the country.  Krisha’s tenacity has allowed her to succeed in a profession where men have traditionally worked.  In my mind young ladies should consider Krisha to be a role model, because tough, smart girls like her succeed at whatever they chose to do. 

Today, not only is Krisha successful professional, but she is also a highly respected livestock evaluator.  She has judged local, state and national livestock shows all over the country.  Additionally, her love of pigs has translated into her family’s show pig operation, Custis Show Pigs.  In recent years, Custis Show Pigs have gained national attention with their production of numerous champions! 

 Krisha lives in Colorado, but like  many Butler CC graduates she maintains close ties with her Butler family.  Like other Butler Ag girls she has found that with skills, hard work, determination and a little savvy there are no limits to what can be achieved in modern agriculture.

Ostrich and Caiman and Alligator, Oh My!

November 2, 2010

I love boots. Cute, square toed, exotic skinned cowboy boots. Period. End of discussion.

So, of course when my sister and I had pictures taken, we HAD to wear our boots. And when we asked Brigitte to photograph JUST our boots, she raised her eyebrows and said, “Excuse me? Did I hear you right? Just your boots, and not your face?” “Yes ma’am, you heard us right!” What can I say, we love our boots 🙂 And then of course the end result sparked a little guy somewhere in my brain for a blog post (because really, who doesn’t love to read about and look at pictures of boots?) and then I made my brothers pose after church for a picture! They weren’t quite as excited about the picture as I was. But that’s okay, because I knew that y’all would appreciate it!

And for those of you who are wondering, the top boots are both Ostrich (Esther’s are black, mine are brown.) In the bottom picture, Flinton’s boots are Gator (left) and Ethan’s are Caiman belly. Flinton and Ethan both got their boots when they started the judging career here at Butler, so that just shows you that boots are an investment that will last for quite some time! I think my next ‘investment’ needs to be Stingray. (Ooh I get giddy just thinking about ’em!)

And then no post can be complete without a picture of what’s going on at home. In addition to all the craziness that goes along with sale prep, bean harvest was winding down. And in the spirit of Forrest Gump (after all, we did watch that movie twice last night) that’s all I have to say about that. 🙂