Going once, going twice, SOLD!

Yep, today was it. The big one. The day of truth. What we have all been waiting for. Sale day. Such little words for such a big day. It was the first time we have ever had a female sale separate from our annual bull sale in March. Overall it was pretty good, and the weather was great! Below are a few scenes from the day.

Rance Long and I in the block. He manages, I clerk.


Ethan and Esther work the in and out gates in the ring.
Matt Caldwell takes bids.
Flinton manages all the sight unseen bids. He has about three phones in use all the time and stands on a chair in the back in order to keep up with the sale.
My Dad! He always orchestrates the activities out back. As he puts it, he has never “attended” any of our sales.
Even though they are crazy, sales are always fun and worth all the effort!
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One Comment on “Going once, going twice, SOLD!”

  1. Chelsea Good Says:

    Great post Hannah!

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