Down in Mississippi & Up to No Good!

Yeppers! I went to Mississippi this weekend! And pretty much every other Southern state it seemed, including Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia and Kentucky! Whew! (& p.s.- I just love the song Down in Mississippi by Sugarland!)

Our trip started bright and early (4:30 am, to be exact) Friday morning. By Friday afternoon, we had made it to Tennessee and were delivering some pairs from our sale.

The South is absolutely beautiful this time of year. Here are some trees in Tennessee and Georgia.

Next stop after Tennessee was Mississippi to deliver some commercial heifers a man bought over the summer. We then headed to EE Ranches in Wynona and stayed with Jack Evans for the night. He took us to the most AMAZING mexican place called El Cabrito. Translated it means “the goat”, and its times like that that I wish I wasn’t a Spanish minor. But my beef fajitas were still delicious, regardless of the questionable name. Look how tall these trees are. I think this might have been in Alabama? But I really have no idea.

Georgia was next, where we picked up 13 Hereford bulls that we are developing and selling. And of course everything was gorgeous there, too.

Okay, so obviously we still had to go to Louisville for a couple of days. So we ended up keeping our newly acquired bulls at a ranch in Shelbyville (right outside Louisville). We were told that Shelbyville is the Saddlebred capital of the world. Not Thoroughbred, but Saddlebred. Apparently there is a difference. And if you know, would you please tell me?! All I know about it is that there were a lot of A-Ma-Zing horse farms on the way to this Angus ranch! And the coolest part is, the guy who owned the ranch established the first Texas Road House. Although I didn’t get to meet him, Im still eternally grateful to Mr. Taylor! And he lived on Hannah Road, so of course I had to stop and take a picture 🙂

And finally, late Sunday morning, we arrived in Louisville. By this time, I had logged so many hours in a truck that I could hardly stand what awaited me at the exposition center! Showing friends, the judging team and a multitude of Angus industry people were there. It never fails that when ever I get with friends, no matter their age, where they are from, if I see them everyday or five times a year, we laugh, joke, have a great time, and ultimately create memories that make all the hours on the road in the truck worthwhile!

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