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Dancing … Butler Agvocate Style!

December 26, 2010

Personally, when I think about dancing in the mid-west, two stepping generally surfaces to the forefront of my mind. When i think about college, rap music and dancing the act of grinding come to mind.

But folks, these days Butler Agvocates are attempting quite frequently at the 8 Seconds Dance.

Although this is not yet documented on film, simply use your imagination and envision Ethan James & Will Johnson doing such a dance in the lovely establishment we know as 210.5. Or try to picture Bailey Boomhower, Jarrod Beam and Morgan Meisenheimer starring at a youtube video and attempting to learn it (in bandannas) at the S. Topeka residence.

If you can’t picture this dance here is a youtube video of a long version of it. Unfortunatly, nobody in El Dorado has been able to accomplish it quite this gracefully. It’s  more challenging then it looks!

“When upon the roof there arose such a clatter…”

December 25, 2010

I can still remember the days of my childhood when I could barely sleep Christmas Eve night because I couldn’t wait for Christmas the next morning, and who in their right mind can get a wink of sleep when SANTA is on his way???? Well here’s a neat little website that tells you exactly where Santa is on his delivery route. NORAD is actually a US military defense organization. Kinda odd to think they take the time to track Santa.  However, under their history section, the story goes that a poster was published with a phone number where children could call Santa, but the number was misprinted and children started calling NORAD to talk to Santa! Can you just imagine the fiasco this would be if this happened in today’s society?? Well thank goodness this happened in the 1950s. My family still jokingly makes it a tradition to check this website at least once to see where Santa is at.

Have a Merry Christmas!!

T-shirts in December??

December 22, 2010

December 22: for most of the country, it’s wintertime….snow, puffy jackets, rosy cheeks and gathering by the fire! But where I’m from….snow doesn’t exist and on December 22, t-shirts are a common occurance. Yesterday, in central Texas we reached a high of 86 degrees!!!

My brother - Connor, working his show heifer, Blair. Notice, he's in a t-shirt and the heifer is under fans!!

Another ‘out of the ordinary’ about Texas is that we have many Brahman influenced cattle. In fact, Texas is over-run with them!! My family raises (and has raised for five generations) Brangus cattle. In the picture above, Connor is working Blair – his BRANGUS show heifer! Brangus is 3/8 Brahman and 5/8 Angus, just in case anyone was wondering! 🙂

This is Blair showing off 🙂 watch out for her in the showring next spring!!

Here’s a few pictures Connor and I snapped while checking cows this morning!! Enjoy the beauty of Brangus cows now… 🙂

November born Brangus....does it get much cuter than this?!? I think not!!

Uhh ohh!!! Road block by Brangus mamas!!!

 Yep…..Brangus rock! Have a very merry Christmas 🙂


Breakfast Anyone?

December 22, 2010

What beats the smell of fresh pancakes, sizzling sausage and eggs, and hot coffee in the morning? In my book, not a whole lot can beat that. Lions’ Club Pancake Day is an annual event in my small little town. This is a by-donation event where breakfast is served all day long (the one time a year I eat pancakes two or three times in one day).  The Saturday before Christmas the local Lions’ Club members get up early in the morning to set up and start cooking for this big event.

Brady (one of the Lions' Club member's sons) and Dad hard at work serving food

Everyone's favorite table - Desserts made by the wives 🙂

Meet the entire population of Barnard – multiplied by about 3, maybe more. The entire community turns out to support the Lions’ Club, and of course just to gossip.  Many people turn this into a family affair, resulting in quite a temporary population increase.

Now what would a pre-Christmas event be without Christmas music and decorations? They even took the time to decorate my 4-H club’s sheep herdsmanship trophy with cute mini stockings and spruce up the old Barnard High School senior photos with hanging decorations.  (Fun fact: my dad’s senior picture is hanging up there!)

The biggest event of the day is when Santa arrives to visit with the little kids. Some kids need a little convincing to sit on Santa’s lap:Some kids just aren’t too happy about the whole ordeal (poor Logan!):and then there are the few kids who think sitting on Santa’s lap is just pretty cool. However, my favorite picture of the whole day is probably this one:

Meet Mason and Mya - twins born the day before Thanksgiving and the youngest members in attendance at Pancake Day. They were more than happy to sit in Santa's lap...well more like happy to be held by Santa...although they were asleep...that may have had something to do with their cooperative spirit

Of course, Santa has to have a ride! Since I would assume his sleigh only works on Christmas Eve the local fire department gives him a hand in getting to and from the Community Building:

I still think it’s super cool to see how united and supportive one small town can be. This year the Lions’ Club made somewhere around $2500 from this event. The main point of this event is not to just raise money, and it’s done strictly off donations. So I’d say that’s a pretty good turnout in a town of less than 100 people. What I really enjoy though is getting the opportunity to see everyone come out and just interact with each other and spend time with their families.

Welcome Home to the Winter Wonderland!!!

December 15, 2010

Well hello everyone yeah I no it  was been a very long time since I posted last but I think what I am going to share today will make up for it 🙂 Here recently on Friday December 10 @ 6 am Me and Kati Keys started our long trip back to the great state of Wyoming. Up until the Wyoming line we had a a wonderful clear road, clear blue sky drive and of cousre as soon as we crossed that Wyoming border I could see that nasty winter storm headed straight for us. After some 4 wheel drive dually driving I made it home at about 6 pm and dropped Kati off with her family at my exit so she could continue to Riverton Wyoming which is about two and half hours depending on how fast or slow you drive lol.  The next day guess what!!!!! I had to get back into the swing of things and go feed the cows with my two brothers. Wow what a way to remind you that you are home hahah. Cold temperatures, brothers making fun of you saying that “college and kansas has made you soft” 🙂 cattle, pigs, and the ranch that I love dearly couldnt ask for anything more!!! It was a great way to get back into the swing of things, After this I just drove around and and jsut looked at the cows, the sale bulls, my show calves, the herd bulls, and of course cant forget the lovely sows. Wow I have missed home!!!

That following Monday I got the great idea to head into town and go to my old highschool. And wow did I feel old!!!!!!!! There were new principles different teachers, teachers in different positions, and of course the different kids. It didn’t feel like I had spent 4 years of my life in that place. However it was great to see some teachers and friends that I had not seen in forever but still I got that feeling of being the creepy old kid that comes back and visits the high school bhahahahaha.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now after being home for a couple days I have soon realized why I left and went to college very far away though. Douglas Wyo NEVER CHANGES!!!!! It is the same old rural town that I grew up in where everyone knows everything about anything and everyone. The people never change and the most exciting thing to happen going to watch the highschool sports teams or go to the bar or go drink coffee with close friends. Yeah I no I am kinda going off about my hometown but dont get me wrong its a great place to grow up in and be a part of. The whole town is so close knit and such a great community, but just as a college kid coming home for the holidays it gets pretty boring lol.  Well this is all I have for you now. More to come because the cows and sows are about read to pop and have some babies!!!! YEAH!!!!

Get hip in mear days!

December 7, 2010

Ever wanted to up your linguistic steez? Ever feel like peppering conversation with fresh to death terminology, but just don’t know how? Well I’ve got the solution for you!Oh. My. Goodness. These flash cards are hilarious! There are 50 flashcards, complete with a pronunciation guide, definition, and synonyms, an illustration to help with the context and and educational sample sentence. Just look at all of the marvelous cards! We have already been implementing these terms into conversations, and people are (usually) impressed. No surprise there, of course. Here are some pictures of my favorite terms:  And my personal favorite: (I reeeeeally laughed at this one!)Just use these little guys and you’ll be all set to roll deep with any crew. Aiight, I’m out. Lates.

Butler Alumni-Get Prepared!

December 6, 2010

Butler Community College Alumna: Christie Gabel

Butler Alumna, Christie Gabel originally hails from Eaton, Colorado a small town in the NE part of the state.  From a young age Christie had the opportunity to work with several different livestock species, but her real love was with beef cattle.   Christie’s family owns and operates Magnum Feedyards in Wiggins, Colorado.  This family operation (remember family operations come in all sizes) gave Christie a unique insight into the beef industry.   Christie’s family recognizes the need for Agriculturists to connect with the public.  This past summer Magnum Feedyards invited Ryan Andrews a vegan blogger to visit their operation.  Follow this link to read Ryan’s take on his experience.

While at Butler, Christie was a member of the nationally acclaimed Livestock Judging Team.  In fact, during her sophomore year, Christie (along with 5 of her teammates) was named to the National All-American Team-the most by any school in a given year since the award has been awarded.  The All-American honor is only given to 15 sophomores each year based on contest performance and academic achievements.

After Butler, Christie attended Kansas State University and earned a B.S. in Animal Sciences & Industry and a Minor in Business. She was a member of Ag Ambassadors, Collegiate Cattlewomen and the 2006 Reserve National Champion Livestock Judging Team!

After graduation Christie was prepared for a number of career options.  She worked for Elanco as a beef sales representative for nearly four years, both on the Feedlot and Stocker side before moving back to her “Kansas” home to her current position with Kansas State University Foundation  as a Development Officer for the College of Veterinary Medicine.  Christie’s job is to be a Major-Gift Fundraiser for the Vet School.  She aims to raise money for student scholarships, support for faculty, funding for major research projects, upgrades to the teaching hospital & everything else that requires money!

In her free time Christie has coached the Weld County (Colorado)                    4-H Livestock Judging Team to a State Championship and she is currently working toward an MBA with a Finance Emphasis.  Christie like many of our Butler graduates worked hard (this girl is tough and persistent), got involved in activities, made contacts along the way, and ultimately is prepared to succeed in whatever she sets her mind to do.