Judging… for real!

There is no doubt the participants on Butler’s Livestock Judging Team have a passion for livestock and judging. Although contest are what we aim for during our collegiate careers, we do not forgot that judging a legitimate show is the true goal. Collegiate regulations, put stipulations on our ability to be paid for judging shows… but it turns out we have kids who love judging enough to do it for free!

This summer both myself, Barrett Carlisle and Ethan James had the opportunity to judge a few shows.This was by all means a tremendous experience for each of us. Judging is actually fun! It is amazing to be able to interact with kids in the ring and utilize the learning opportunities we have allowed ourselves to have during our time here at Butler.

Although I do not have any pictures of Ethan judging, I do have a few of Barrett and I judging shows in Maryland and Delaware.

Judging the Carroll County Fair Fit-Off Contest with JB Hausner.

Judging a spring show in Delaware.

Barrett judging at the Carroll County Fair in Maryland.

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