Welcome Home to the Winter Wonderland!!!

Well hello everyone yeah I no it  was been a very long time since I posted last but I think what I am going to share today will make up for it 🙂 Here recently on Friday December 10 @ 6 am Me and Kati Keys started our long trip back to the great state of Wyoming. Up until the Wyoming line we had a a wonderful clear road, clear blue sky drive and of cousre as soon as we crossed that Wyoming border I could see that nasty winter storm headed straight for us. After some 4 wheel drive dually driving I made it home at about 6 pm and dropped Kati off with her family at my exit so she could continue to Riverton Wyoming which is about two and half hours depending on how fast or slow you drive lol.  The next day guess what!!!!! I had to get back into the swing of things and go feed the cows with my two brothers. Wow what a way to remind you that you are home hahah. Cold temperatures, brothers making fun of you saying that “college and kansas has made you soft” 🙂 cattle, pigs, and the ranch that I love dearly couldnt ask for anything more!!! It was a great way to get back into the swing of things, After this I just drove around and and jsut looked at the cows, the sale bulls, my show calves, the herd bulls, and of course cant forget the lovely sows. Wow I have missed home!!!

That following Monday I got the great idea to head into town and go to my old highschool. And wow did I feel old!!!!!!!! There were new principles different teachers, teachers in different positions, and of course the different kids. It didn’t feel like I had spent 4 years of my life in that place. However it was great to see some teachers and friends that I had not seen in forever but still I got that feeling of being the creepy old kid that comes back and visits the high school bhahahahaha.

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Now after being home for a couple days I have soon realized why I left and went to college very far away though. Douglas Wyo NEVER CHANGES!!!!! It is the same old rural town that I grew up in where everyone knows everything about anything and everyone. The people never change and the most exciting thing to happen going to watch the highschool sports teams or go to the bar or go drink coffee with close friends. Yeah I no I am kinda going off about my hometown but dont get me wrong its a great place to grow up in and be a part of. The whole town is so close knit and such a great community, but just as a college kid coming home for the holidays it gets pretty boring lol.  Well this is all I have for you now. More to come because the cows and sows are about read to pop and have some babies!!!! YEAH!!!!

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