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Judging… for real!

December 6, 2010

There is no doubt the participants on Butler’s Livestock Judging Team have a passion for livestock and judging. Although contest are what we aim for during our collegiate careers, we do not forgot that judging a legitimate show is the true goal. Collegiate regulations, put stipulations on our ability to be paid for judging shows… but it turns out we have kids who love judging enough to do it for free!

This summer both myself, Barrett Carlisle and Ethan James had the opportunity to judge a few shows.This was by all means a tremendous experience for each of us. Judging is actually fun! It is amazing to be able to interact with kids in the ring and utilize the learning opportunities we have allowed ourselves to have during our time here at Butler.

Although I do not have any pictures of Ethan judging, I do have a few of Barrett and I judging shows in Maryland and Delaware.

Judging the Carroll County Fair Fit-Off Contest with JB Hausner.

Judging a spring show in Delaware.

Barrett judging at the Carroll County Fair in Maryland.

All I Want For Christmas is You!… & Cookies!

December 3, 2010

Today, Sarah, Kallie and I made Christmas cookies! Complete with lots of frosting, a few red hots, and tons of sprinkles 🙂 In good holiday spirit, we listened to Christmas music, talked about our family’s Christmas traditions, and Sarah serenaded us with “12 Days of Christmas” repeated times. Did you realize the first seven verses are about birds? Just a little tid bit in case you wanted to know! 

Kallie managing our Christmas tunes.

My sugar cookie family!

Aren’t they beautiful?! And they were just delightful 🙂

Also, check out the new Best of the Barn website! There is a survey you can take to vote for your favorite in several categories. Such as….. (drum roll please)….. the best junior college ag program! And guess who was included… Yep! That would be Butler!  Feel free to go vote once a day, every day for us! 🙂 Also, while you’re over there, vote for Butler’s alumni Crystal Young in her 3, yes THREE respective categories! Well, really she’s only in two categories, but she is instrumental in the production of the ‘I Am Angus‘ series. So it could be considered three! 🙂  Have a super great weekend, GO VOTE and make Christmas cookies! 🙂

Farming: A Way of Life

December 2, 2010

Dwight D. Eisenhower once said,

 “Farming looks mighty easy when your plow is a pencil and you’re a thousand miles from the corn field.”

I believe this statement speaks volumes for the relationship between politics and agriculture in the United States. It seems that nearly every week there is some sort of new regulation or new standard placed on a facet of the agricultural industry. But the question I intend to focus on in the first segment of this article is: “Where is the connection between the political policy makers and the agricultural product producers?

Just last month I was at my aunt and uncle’s house, enjoying spending time catching up with family. Sunday morning over a leisurely breakfast we watched a variety of politically oriented television shows. On these shows I heard several issues discussed, including topics regarding drug abuse, the government’s outrageous spending habits, and most of all healthcare.

However, only once in two and a half hours did I hear any mention of the word “farm” or “agriculture”. The word farm was briefly mentioned by the current Attorney General of Kentucky, Jack Conway,  in a debate with his Republican counterpart, Dr. Rand Paul. Within this debate, the Democratic Attorney General accused Dr. Paul of not understanding the farm perspective of Kentuckyans. Now hold on, before we say that was a correct or incorrect statement, let us take a look at the facts. Neither man has any recent background in agricultural production, if any at all. Now my intent here is not to focus on a particular political race, but to bring up the significance of the divide between those making the decisions in either State or Federal Legislatures, and the traditional farmers and ranchers of Rural America. This is just one, of numerous examples that represent the missing link in the chain between agriculture and government.

How can you make a difference in your home and community to impact this issue? One person CAN make a difference. Like anything good, it takes time. It is time to change American Agriculture. Our responsibilty as agriculturists is to talk. Talk to one another, talk to the public, and talk to politicians about what WE need. Although the connection between us and Capitol Hill may be slim, there is still a connection. Utilizing the resources we have, and continuing to act with more influence will strengthen the bond.

The Best of the Barns-VOTE for BUTLER CC!

December 1, 2010

Ranch House Designs has announced the the 2010 Best of the Barns Awards, a fun and interactive way to celebrate excellence in the livestock industry.

AND…..#26 on this online survey asks you to vote for best community college agriculture program.  We all know that BUTLER COMMUNITY COLLEGE is easily the best choice, so make sure you vote for us during the month of December.

Here’s how it works: Voting is open from December 1-31st for the 2010 awards. Here’s your chance to cast your vote for your favorite products, services, and people in the livestock business. 

I might add that Butler CC alumni, Crystal is also nominated in multiple categories.  Vote for her and don’t forget to check out her blog Crystal.Cattle.

Voting options: Click on the links provided to the right to cast your vote using our online survey. Each person may vote once through the online system. You may also vote once a day through our facebook page, where a new question will be featured daily. To vote on facebook, you must “like” the page (Ranch House Designs), then you simply hit the “like” button of the option for your choice for Best of the Barn 2010. Results from the online voting and facebook voting will be combined.

WINNERS will be announced and posted on the web site in early January. Each category winner will be provided with a “Best of the Barn” award winner kit which includes promotional logos that can be used in their marketing programs through out the year.