As American As… Birthday Cake!

So, I’ve been doing a little soul searching, and have come to a conclusion: The phrase “As American As Apple Pie” is way off. Just think about it- what food do we use to celebrate every major occasion? Cake, of course! And why not?! It comes in every flavor under the sun (except grape- I’ve never had a grape cake), it is a good source of carbs and energy, and there’s even an awesome TV show all about them- Cake Boss! (aka one of my favs!)

So, when my roomie, Alyson, announced that she got into making cakes over Christmas break, I was totally supportive. And since Sarah’s Birthday was coming up, all of us put our heads together and came up with the perfect cake! See for yourself!

Sarah wasn’t allowed to see what was going on. We actually tried to keep the entire cake a secret, but it is a little hard when you live in the same house. 

So, when she got hungry, we had to bring everything to her.

And then I got the privilege of taking it all back. By this time, she was getting bossy. I guess she though it was her birthday or something?

The finished product: (Drumroll Please…)

TA DAAA! We all went Ice Skating that night for Ag Ambassadors. So we just decided to turn it into a meeting/Sarah’s B-Day party!!! (Hence, why the heifer is wearing ice skates and a scarf) 
She loved it, of course. After all, it is beautifully combining two things everyone should love- cake and cattle!

Here are some other cakes Alyson has done. 

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2 Comments on “As American As… Birthday Cake!”

  1. Wow I am very impressed! I love the cow cake! Great work girls.

  2. hannahmccabe Says:

    Thanks Crystal! Alyson did most of the work 🙂 But it was so much fun to make!

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