Agriculture in the Super Bowl

Okay, so while this may be hard to fathom, but I’m not an avid football fan. Yes, I get excited when my Wildcats or Grizzlies win, but I don’t have my own fantasy football league.

However, I do know that it takes 3,000 cows to provide the NFL with enough leather for a year’s supply of footballs! (Just in case you were wondering.)

So, for the Super Bowl last night, I participated more in the ‘social’ aspect (aka talking) and watched the commercials. While there were a lot of great ones, these stuck in my mind.

Doritos does a great job with their commercials every year. 

While this commercial was super funny, what came to my mind, naturally, is how agriculture had a pretty substantial role. How do you think Doritos are made? Next time you see a farmer, say ‘Thank You’ for growing the corn that goes into snack chips such as Doritos.

I also loved this Pepsi Max commercial!

While I’m not super familiar with the whole sugar cane production/harvest process, I do know that I am grateful for it! I’m pretty sure about 87% of my diet would be altered without it!

What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial? Think about how agriculture made it possible!


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