Hello, My Name is Crazy. My Major is Cow Art.

So what do you do when your two passions appear to have no relevance? Well you look a little harder and realize that they do!

Call me odd, but I love livestock and I love art. Temple Grandin and Andy Warhol are my idols. It doesn’t make sense does it? Oh to the contrary my readers, even Rousseau has said,

“Agriculture is the earliest and most honorable of arts.”

Agriculture is an art, and the promotion of agriculture needs art. Through graphic design and photography my favorite worlds can combine after all!

Here are a few pictures of some my artwork…

This is a pencil drawing I did of my cousin Jeremy.
This is a conte, chalk and charcoal piece. The assignment was to create a face with hands.
This is an abstract piece that was done with house paints on wood.

So how can I combine this artsy stuf f with livestock? Here is how!

This is a photo I took and designed for my teammate Barrett Carlisle. She's a True Blood x Ellerbrock.

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One Comment on “Hello, My Name is Crazy. My Major is Cow Art.”

  1. Bobbye Schmidt Says:

    Your art is amazing!! And I love your teammates sheep!! Wink Wink!!! Great Job Morgan!!

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