Who Knew We Could Cook Too??

When I was growing up, I was the definition of a “tom boy.” Which meant that I would have rather been playing in the barn with my show calves than helping Mom with dinner. The end result….I moved to school wondering what to eat! Of course there is the typical Ramen noodles (proud to say I still haven’t tried them yet!), Easy Mac (my favorite) or the infamous chicken nuggets that are a favorite among my teammates. I also eat a lot of Campbell’s soup…and oh yea..there’s fast food. Thank you Mcdonald’s (and your dollar menu) for my “freshman fifteen!” But lately, some of us have taken an interest in cooking. Which means now….I’M LEARNING TO COOK!

First shopping experience (last semester). Ag students Jennie Johnson, Taylor Graham, and Barrett Carlisle purchasing chicken nuggets and fries....which was about all the boys could cook at the time. =)

Thank goodness Katy Satree worked at a restaurant back in her hometown of Montague, Texas. She has been the “go-to-woman” for our food nightmares and questions. (Examples include: Can you boil a whole chicken? I don’t have milk, can I make pancakes with water? Can I make this in the microwave?) So, to help out all you college students out there….here’s some of our favorite recipes (and yes they are pretty easy):

Butler’s Recipes

Happy Eating, Kinzie =)

We cooked dinner for my roomate, Whitney Darr, for winning the Ft. Worth judging contest!

What we cooked: jalapeno poppers (see Butler's Recipes), mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, and easy beef n noodles (see Butler's recipes) =)

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