Results from the Iowa Expo

Teams- 3 finishing in the top 10  

Team 1: (So) Chandler Akins, Whitney Darr, Ethan James, Morgan Meisenheimer – 2nd Overall, 2nd Reasons

Team 2: Parker Henley (Fr), Sarah Loughridge (So), Kinzie Selke (Fr), Kyle Wilson (Fr) – 7th Overall, 5th Reasons

Team 3: (Fr) Taylor Graham, Emily Jackson, Maverick Squires, Jared Wynn – 9th Overall, 7th Reasons

Team 4: (So) Barrett Carlisle, Kallie Johnson, Will Johnson, Analena Simmons – 11th Overall, 8th Reasons

Team 5: (Fr) Julia Horn, Alyson Moore, Brett Moriarty, Paige Wallace – 13th Overall, 12th Reasons

Team 6: (Fr) Jarrod Beam, Ben Gleason, Kati Keys, Katy Satree


Morgan Meisenheimer: 3rd Overall, 8th Placings, Tied 6th in Reasons

Whitney Darr: 11th Overall, Tied for 6th Reasons

Taylor Graham: 14th Overall, 17th Placings, Tied 20th Reasons

Emily Jackson: 21st Overall, 9th Placings

Chandler Akins: 22nd Overall, Tied for 13th Reasons

Analena Simmons: Tied for 6th Reasons

Sarah Loughridge: 11th Reasons

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