No we are not talking about the dairy product. We are talking about the ridiculously addicting game that our freshman livestock judging team plays alllll the time. Think about it, we are stuck in a fifteen passenger van traveling across the country, what else are we to do?!

Well here’s how you play the game: if you see a yellow car, you yell YOGURT! The most “YOGURT”s win!…. Rules include: 1.)It has to be able to serve as a mode of transportation. 2.) It has to have a motor. 3.) (and most important) It has to be over 51% yellow in color. 4.) If you pass a parking lot/barn yard/ factory that has many “YOGURTs” you yell “YOOOOOOOOGURT”

The game originated from our fellow freshman teammate, Maverick Squires’, little sister Jentry. Yes, she is 8. We are 18 and 19. Maybe it is a little immature, but we all have a love/hate relationship with it. And by the way…we corrupted Elissa into playing it as well!

…..I am proud to say that Kyle “Willy” Wilson and I hold the official record for most YOGURTs in one trip (we were headed home to Indiana) with 197 total YOGURTs…and yes, he beat me by 3.

We also have modified YOGURT into several other games, including: GRAPE (purple vehicles) and COTTAGE CHEESE (green vehicles all though we are not sure why…). Also, some people play it where if you call a false yogurt, you deduct a point!

YOGURT gets way competitive in the freshman van. It is funny how a silly little game like this can show case our already ridiculously competitive nature!


Something that would entitle a YOOOOOGURT!


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