3 for 1! Double the Contest Results & a Song of the Week…

First, please enjoy the song that won’t stop playing in El Doardo. It’s called “Erase Me” by Kid Cudi feat. Kanye West. It’s the bomb.

\”Erase Me\” by Kid cudi feat Kanye West


Next, the Results from the sophomores trip to San Antonio

The Team: Reserve National Champions!

Team Members were Chandler Akins, Barrett Carlisle, Whitney Darr, Ethan James & Morgan Meisenheimer.

2nd Overall, 1st Cattle, 2nd Oral Reasons, 3rd Goats


Whitney Darr: 2nd Overall, 3rd Cattle, 4th Goat, Tied 6th Reasons

Chandler Akins: 6th Overall, 6th Hogs

Ethan James: 2nd Cattle

Barrett Carlisle: Tied 6th Reasons

Kallie Johnson: 7th Goats

Will Johnson: 10th Cattle

Sarah Loughridge: 12th Goats

Analena Simmons: 13th Reasons

Back Row (L-R): Chris Mullinix, Barrett Carlisle, Whitney Darr, Will Johnson, Chandler Akins & Ethan James. Front Row (L-R): Sarah Loughridge, Analena Simmons, Kallie Johnson & Morgan Meisenheimer.


Finally, the results from the Freshman’s trip to the Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classic

Teams: 1st & 3rd finishes!

Team 1 members were Taylor Graham, Emily Jackson, Maverick Squires & Jared Wynn.

1st Overall, 1st Reasons, 3rd Placings

Team 2 members were Parker Henley, Brett Moriarty, Kinzie Selke & Kyle Wilson

3rd Overall, 5th Reasons, 2nd Placings

Team 3 members were Julia Horn, Alyson Moore, Katy Satree & Paige Wallace

7th Overall, 8th Placings


Taylor Graham: 1st Overall, 5th Placings, 6th Reasons

Emily Jackson: 3rd Overall, 4th Reasons

Maverick Squires: 4rd Overall, tied for 2nd Reasons

Kyle Wilson: 8th Overall, tied for 2rd Reasons

Alyson Moore: 13th Overall, tied for 12th Reasons

Jarrod Beam: 7th Placings

Kinzie Selke: 8th Placings

Brett Moriarty: Tied 15th Reasons

Butler Alum Garrett Knebel with the Freshman at one of the contest this spring.

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