A Lost Art

I believe that we all are forever indebted to the Pony Express. Not because they were some great historical breakthrough in communications or anything, but simply because I love to get cards.

It just kinda brightens my day a lot.

While I’ll agree with the statement that Hallmark cards are just overpriced pieces of paper, those $3 are well worth the over time required at the job to afford them in my opinion.

Think about it- there are cards for every holiday- including St. Patty’s day! My friend and I got out all our cards and picked out our favorites to share with y’all. You’re welcome.

When in doubt, go with the old ladies. They are sure to be a hit:

***Author’s note: The latter card should have been sent at the beginning of January for someone’s birthday yet it is still residing in Towanda. But that is okay, because a late card is better than no card!

Inspirational cards are always great to let someone know you care:

It’s an unwritten rule that Birthday cards are a must:

Isn’t this card adorable? I got it for Valentine’s Day this year 🙂

I always think it’s a nice touch to personalize your stationary with a monogram or a picture of your boots. 

I always love those cards that you see and immediately think of someone and how it fits your relationship perfectly. 

But most of all, I love the written messages that are inside from the sender. I just got this card in the mail this week from a younger friend whose family is also in the Angus industry. Not only did it make me smile/get all giddy/ go ‘awww!‘, it pretty much made my day!

Now if this card doesn’t melt your popsicle then I don’t know what would. And for the record, Cupid did find me and bring me lots of chocolate! 🙂

So go make someone’s day and help Hallmark pay their bills by sending a card!

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