Voices of Ag: Connecting the Dots

Since I grew up in the agricultural industry, I am often given the opportunity to speak on behalf of the rural community when friends, classmates and co-workers who grew up with an urban lifestyle start asking questions.

I always look forward to these conversations for a couple of reasons. 1) I love tell my story because I am proud of where I come from. 2) I love helping them connect the dots to how they are connected to agriculture (food, clothes, by-products, etc.) 3) I love seeing their faces light up when you have explained production practices in a way that they approve of and want to know more about.

The American Angus Association has been producing a series called “I Am Angus”, and this week the latest segment aired. It was nothing short of awesome. I especially liked when Butler Alumni, Chelsea Good, shared her story about growing up and moving into ag law, and how she has opportunities everyday to advocate for us.

Temple Grandin was also featured on the episode. If you are not familiar with who this woman is, here are a few highlights of her resume:

  • World-renowned animal behaviorist
  • Reshaped livestock handling practices
  • Revolutionized harvest plants
  • Just recently included in Time magazine’s “100 Most Influential People”

And the most amazing part about it? Ms. Grandin is autistic. She of all people had the excuse to sit back and not do anything, but that’s just not how she is. See for yourself:

***I Am Angus is produced by API Creative Media.

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One Comment on “Voices of Ag: Connecting the Dots”

  1. Chelsea Good Says:

    Thanks for sharing this with others Hannah! The Angus Association does such a great job with their videos.

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