Happy Bulls Come From Kansas!

March 24 marks the 18th Angus bull production sale for my family. A lot of preparation goes into the event, months before the day even happens.

One of the biggest jobs is to clip all of the bulls. And guess who gets to be on that committee- THIS KID! (along with my brother, Ethan and sister, Esther)

If you have no idea as to what I am talking about right now, you are probably scratching your head in curiosity, or just thinking I’m way out there crazy. But no worries! Ethan’s lady friend, Katie, took pictures just for your viewing pleasures!

The first thing that has to happen is the bulls need to be cleaned up a bit. This is my job! (and it’s the easiest) I simply run a comb through their tops and shoulders and then blow off all the dirt on their heads, necks, shoulders and top. Although it may seem like a piece of cake job, the project couldn’t happen successfully without it! 

This is my baby sister, Esther. She gets to clip the heads and necks. Before you accuse me of being a terrible sister because I get the easy job, just keep in mind that at 5’11”, this girl is 5 inches taller than me. So it’s totally okay. 

This cat is Ethan. He really gets the short straw, as he has to clip/blend the shoulders, top line, tail, anything that Esther missed, and then torch their bodies…

Here he is torching the bulls. This does not hurt the bulls, as they don’t even really feel it. The purpose of this is to get rid of any dead hair and simply “clean them up”.

We also put in their sale tags during this process. As you can see, that is my job as well. 

Meet Ethan’s lady friend, Katie. Her job was pretty much to hold the lighter and give it to Ethan when he was ready to torch. (However she eventually got fired from this position because she liked to talk to me too much and would forget to pay attention) Before this day, she could not light a lighter. However, she never gave up and kept on keepin’ on, and finally her efforts paid off! 

Here are some finished bulls hanging out. Happy bulls don’t come from California, they come from McCabe Genetics! 

About seven o’clock that evening, Flinton decided he felt sorry for us started helping us out. 

This would be our father. He also felt sorry for us and started sharpening some clipper blades to help out. 

About 10 or so, we finally finished all the Angus bulls! Let me tell ya, it was a very long day. And we get to do Herefords next weekend!

See all the bulls in our on-line catalog HERE.

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