Happy Farm Animals 101

“In order to excel, you must be completely dedicated to your chosen sport” -Wilson Mizner

Although farming is not a technical “sport”, it is true that agriculturalists must be 100% dedicated to their operation. Unfortunately, too many Americans are uninformed about the basics of agriculture and after realizing the Butler blog is a marvelous way to share general agriculture knowledge, I have decided to start a new string of blogs entitled “Happy Farm Animals 101”.

Through this string, many topics shall be covered on the steps agriculturalists have taken in order to ensure the best life for their stock. To start off my “Happy Farm Animals 101” string, I’m focusing in on one “operation” in particular, one close to my heart and home…..literally!

The Butler Livestock Judging Team (well, a few boys in particular) have recently acquired quite a few baby pigs to exhibit at upcoming stock shows. For the next few months, they will be taking care of these pigs day in and day out, rain or shine, morning and night. These pigs depend upon the boys for simple survival.

“Taking care of animals is not only the greatest adventure in life, but also the greatest joy.” -Parker Henley, owner of these precious pigs:

When this little guy got sick, the boys stayed up all night with him to ensure he had the proper nutrition and medications to get better. The boys even missed dinner - COLLEGE boys, MISSING dinner!!! That's dedication! Luckily, he was better by the morning!

This is Willy, cleaning out the pens. Everyday the boys clean out the pens so the baby pigs have a clean place to live!

These blue tarps have been set up above the pigs’ pens so that air draft doesnt get into the pens and make the pigs cold!!
Alongside the tarps, these heat lamps aid in making sure the pens are warm and comfy. Baby pigs don’t like to be cold, as you can tell….they like their heat lamps!!
“My pen’s better than yours”
Life is good:)

Check back for more ways farmers and ranchers are producing happy farm animals across America!!


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