Welcome to spring break!!

Well friends, spring break at Butler is officially under way! Growing up, my home town was only a mere hour and a half from the campus of Texas A&M University. So needless to say, I have many friends currently attending TAMU. Therefore, I am spending my spring break crashing at their houses and enjoying the beautiful 85 degree weather of central Texas!! This morning, having nothing to do, I opted to go to class with one of my friends….Ag Econ. Considering I had already taken Ag Econ at Butler I was mildly curios to see if any of the material covered was similar.

Upon arrival at the Ag Econ class I noticed several things:

1. The class size was MUCH bigger…..about 60 people bigger!

2. No one knew anyone in the class!

3. The material on the power points (the Monday after A&M’s spring break) was the EXACT same material we had covered the first week of class at Butler.

4. And to top it all off, the teacher was Asian and still carrying a very strong accent and throughout the whole 75 minutes I sat through his class I could not understand one word he said. Literally.

So folks, I concluded that for all those junior college haters out there, you might just want to reconsider. I in fact knew almost everyone in my Ag Econ class. My teacher knew every student’s name. We learned a vast deal of knowledge more than those at Texas A&M University (in Ag Econ) were currently. And best of all, I could understand the words my teacher was saying. Granted, we might not have understood all the concepts at times…..but at least we could always go into her office and gather knowledge after class — something senior college students might have difficulty doing!

Have a great spring break everyone!!! 🙂

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