Home is where the Heart is <3

Can you believe it, because I cant! I am actuality done with my Junior College Judging career and it is such a bitter sweet happy/sad feeling. Now what am I going to do with all my FREE yes I said FREE time how about maybe be a normal college kid catch some concerts study every once in awhile and better yet get completely bored on the weekends? How about that for a change?

Well first off lets talk about spring break, which is the greatest week since Christmas break :).

After getting home from Houston and taking ALL my mid terms on that Thursday  (3/17) and then driving home to good ol Douglas Wyoming Friday I knew that I had a lot of tough decisions coming my way in the next weeks and months regarding the rest of my life.First and foremost where should I go to Senior College? (The big pressing issue which has plagued me for so long now) I got all my applications in to Texas Tech, Kansas State, Oklahoma State, Colorado State, and Iowa State, and after a lot of thinking these past couple months I have narrowed it down. But now lets talk  in hypothetical terms should I be a Wildcat, Cowboy, Red Raider, Ram, or Cyclone? Do I like Purple, Orange, Green or Red (2)? Am I a fan of Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Iowa or Colorado? From here I have NO idea what to do. Where should I put my priorities in my decision making regarding the Universities. I have a lot of things that my future chosen University should have but finding one that perfectly fits all of my set standards is practicality slim to none. See there is a lot to think about and it has been stressing me out A LOT! Although coming home has made things come into perspective and helped guide me towards where I think emphasis should be put on for selecting a school.

But in between me doing some critical thinking about the rest of my life, I think Spring “Break” should be called Spring “Work”  because every college Agriculture student knows the true meaning of Spring break, it means coming home to your respected families and helping them do whatever chores or projects that they have in mind for you. For me, my brothers decided to give me the task of helping them get ready for our families bull sale which means pick up the sale barn, show people the bulls when they come to look, along with helping do everyday chores which includes, graining and watering the sale bulls, herd bulls, show heifers, pigs. Feeding hay to the Cows and replacements and finally one of the most entertaining chores everyday tagging the new baby calves. Lets just say it gets pretty hysterical more pictures to come when I can sneak a camera and capture the moment (brother kind of gets mad when I put funny pics of him up) 🙂

Even though home cant fix everything it has a way of making things better. I have no idea what I would do if I couldn’t come home and just be able to center myself regroup and figure out where things are going.

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