Structural Anomalies?

L-R: Kallie Johnson, Whitney Darr, Morgan Meisenheimer, Analena Simmons & Sarah Loughridge. (the girls on the 2010-2011 BuCo Livestock Judging Team)

You know you are a livestock judge when … you look at this photo and analyze our structural differences.

You may ask, what is structure? Structure to us livestock judgers refers to the angles of your skeleton or more simply your feet and legs.

Here is how we break it down (from left to right)…

Kallie is basically sound, however she is a bit in at her knee and in this photo appears to roll to the outside portion of her left foot.

Whitney- although wide based, she is quite in at her knee

Morgan like Kallie is basically sound, however she does narrow to her base.

Poor Analena is small footed, narrow based, bad kneed and sway backed… but we love her never the less!

Sarah is a bit frailer featured and is little miss bow legged.

Can you tell we have discussed this a few times?

But to be honest, I don’t think its all that odd that we do! In the big picture, structure plays a huge role within the livestock industry and directly affects longevity and feed efficiency. You have to be sound to be profitable, but just as importantly have a pain free life.

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One Comment on “Structural Anomalies?”

  1. I love this post! I would be like Sarah!

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