Gutters, Strikes and Spares. But Mostly Gutters.

The other day, Analena, Sarah, Kallie and myself were itching to do something other than go home and study like the responsible, dedicated college students we are. About that time, an idea hit us- to go bowling!

Now, there is a reason that we are not in bowling league. And it is a good one. It looks a little something like this:

If you are thinking, “My goodness! There must be a mistake! Those girls are so talented… obviously the computer messed up their score!” well, I hate to burst your bubble, buuuuut those scores are indeed correct. If you would like to recruit us for your team, feel free to contact us via Facebook.

The little computer guy tries to be super helpful and all by showing you where to hit the pins in order to knock the most down. But ya see, the trick is actually being able to get the ball to that spot.

Even when you get a gutter ball, it doesn’t judge and still tries to help you out:

I was so excited when I got my ONE strike of the night my gum popped out of my mouth. The owner guy asked me not to chew anymore gum for the rest of the evening… (it’s the teeeensy green glob I’m pointing at)

Look how cool we are! (Please excuse the quality of all of these photos. Due to unfortunate circumstances of dead batteries, they were taken on a cell phone.)

Sarah really was having fun… She just has her game face on.

It was a great time, and lets keep our fingers crossed that next time we’ll get higher scores! (But I’m not going to hold my breath on that!)

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