Super Crazy- Hectic- No Sleep- Pull Your Hair Out Harvest

In the ag world, there are months that are super crazy- hectic- no sleep- pull your hair out busy, and then all the other months are regular busy.

Either way, an agriculturist’s work is never done.

June marks one of those  super crazy- hectic- no sleep- pull your hair out busy months because of wheat harvest. And when I came home this weekend from my big girl internship in the city, we were right in the thick of it all.

So I whipped out my hand dandy phone to snap some photos for y’all!

Here the combine is cutting the wheat.

Here is a photo taken from inside the tractor. The combine is unloading the wheat into the grain buggy that my dad and I are in. (Yes, I realize it isn’t that great of a picture- however, between the tight cab space the not-so-smooth ride, I was lucky to even get something other than a giant blur)

Here you can see the grain buggy into the semi. The wheat will be stored in a grain bin until my dad has time to haul it to the port in Oklahoma.

The ‘stems’ of the wheat is actually straw. So, here Ethan is bailing it into those round bales you see. He stayed up until 2 am doing this so that all the straw would be off the ground before it rained.

Even if you have never been involved with harvest first hand, you can’t deny how pretty it all is 🙂

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