My Elderly Hags. Taking Awesome to the Next Level.

First sentence: My cows are rockstars.

But… that is just my opinion. Now, I do not claim to run a big deal ranch nor an abundant amount of cows. But my 19 girls are awesome.

 The other day my mom and I decided to give all the girls lovely new ear tags with each of their names. Why? Well, as I spent time at college many of their tags decided to leave their ears. In turn, leaving majority of the herd identifiable to those who don’t know them by their faces. To ensure that we gave them each their proper ear tags we checked their tattoos. During this process I wrote down each of their ages.

Turns out that our girls are old hags – their average age is 11! Lola, Iris, Annie, Muffin, Jeanie, Ella, Lady, Sunshine, Sweet Pea, Sugar Plum, Josey, Splendor, Dori, Frannie, Ana, Katinka, Tina, Lass and Queen are each perfect examples of why structural correctness (good feet and legs) and body (or fleshing ability) is so important in breeding livestock- they will last forever!

Here are some pictures of my old girls (most taken before the ear tag adventure).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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