Snake…OH MY!!

Beeep beeep beeeep. The alarm goes off! My roommates, Alyson Moore and Paige Wallace, head to the boys’ house at Towanda to check out Paige’s show on RFDTV. (You can check part of it out below) I, on the other hand, opted to stay home, shower and get some work done around here.

Well, half asleep, I take my shower. And feeling refreshed, I walk out of the bathroom and notice a small black string-like thing on the floor between the bathroom and my bedroom. And for those of you who don’t know- I wear glasses, and I definitely need them! I didn’t have them on at the time so I just put some clothes on and didn’t think much about it. But curiosity eventually got the best of me, and I put on my glasses and peered at the small black “string” in the hallway and all of the sudden….

….IT MOVED!!!! I, of course, screamed at the top of my lungs! (to my neighbors- sorry and yes I am alive! =) )  IT WAS A SNAKE!!!! Honestly, I had never seen a snake inside a house or basically any where but the zoo and the cow pasture. So frantically I called Alyson (apparently they have numerous amounts of these creatures in N.C. and I figured she would know what to do). Well my roommates get home and I’m freaking out. That’s when my “brave” roommates take action!

Paige suggests stomping on it with a shoe….my shoe. I’d like to add that Paige has prior experience killing rodents (see Emily Jackson’s posts from about a year ago).  Alyson, channeling her inner Crocodile Hunter, gets a hammer to use to subdue the creature to eventually release it to the great outdoors of El Dorado. I immediately grab my computer to research our new visitor (mostly to find out if it was venomous or going to kill us…) We decide to call Brett Moriarity for assistance. Which, sorry Brett, offers little assistance…other than to inform us that the baby snake probably has siblings…or worse a momma!

Come to find out, the little guy, was a Ringneck snake that is neither venomous or harmful to us. (But scary nonetheless…) They are fairly common to this area and our landlord, Miss Kelli, says they don’t get much bigger than an earth worm (see the picture below..) Eventually, he found a hole in the wall and escaped unharmed. Apparently, he just wanted to take a look around and get out of the chilly air outside. Hopefully, he doesn’t return…… (cue the creepy music)

A ringneck snake that is about the same size as our visitor. Let's just say...he's not welcome back!

And of course Paige on the Angus Report…..

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