How y’all doin’?…Greetings from the Carolina’s!

Let the blogging fun begin! Hello there, fellow readers of the Butler Agvocates Blog…my name is Alyson Moore. I’m 19 years old (the big 2-0 comes in February!) and I’m currently a sophomore here at the great, Butler Community College! A southern accent, a yellow Ford F-150, sheep, and a love for baking cakes would probably be a few of the things most people would relate me to….and yet, many other descriptions fall between the cracks. For instance, I’m an admitted shopaholic and living 20 minutes from Wichita doesn’t help (jewelry and purses are a personal favorite)! Photography is something I’ve always enjoyed however here recently it’s beginning to be a potential frame to my future. And…we can’t forget a love for crafts! Just this summer, I restored and painted two western flyer bicycles (with the help of my dad and brother), painted multiple beach and ACC sports themed bird houses, and found some vintage chairs at local flea markets which I painted and are currently sitting around my dining room table. But, these things are just a small glimpse into my hectic, amazingly fun, life!

just one of my cakes! of course an ice-skating cow was perfect for a friends winter birthday!

NCSU bird house!

A set of twin lambs born on my small, family, club lamb operation, this past winter...Guber and Gomer(:

As the great song, Wagon Wheel says, I was raised down south in the land of the pine (you can listen to this Raleigh, NC anthem by following the link below). I call North Carolina…home! Those of you who aren’t familiar with North Carolina, here are a few fun facts:

A beautiful sunrise while traveling back to the main-land (on ferry) from Ocracoke Island this past summer....along with my second family, The Boone's-Ladd's(:

  • North Carolina’s highest point is Mt. Mitchell; 6,684 ft, in the Smokey Mountains and its lowest point is sea level at Atlantic Ocean! NC is one of the few states you can vacation in the Mountains one day and drive 6 hours the next to enjoy the white, sandy beaches of Atlantic Ocean!
  • As a coastal state, we have a “State Fish” and a “State Boat!” The Channel Bass serves as our Fish representative and the Shad Boat represents our waterway travel (:
  • A few of our major industries are Tobacco, Cotton, Furniture, Pork, and Poultry (all of which are Ag related Products…go us!!) 
  • Billy Graham, Andy Griffith, James Taylor, Dale Earnhardt, Michael Jordan, and (of course) Zach Galifianakis all call NC home!

And, we can’t forget we have the Wright Brothers to thank for our airway travel!

My home and family roots are both things I’m very proud of! But, I’m also very thankful for the support and love I’ve been shown over the past few years, which has led me to where I am today…El Dorado, Kansas! My family has always had strong ties with the production agriculture industry. My grandfather raised and sold market hogs and we’re also a 4th generation tobacco family! But, ultimately I owe my travels, student life here at BCC, and successes involving the Agriculture world to my Dad, who asked me a simple question one day about 15 years ago. Even though I was very young, the answer was simple when asked if I wanted to show lambs and become a part of 4-H! The fun, hard-working, dedicated lifestyle began soon after at my first county 4-H Livestock Show! Since then, I’ve exhibited lambs at the County, State, and National level each year. Eventually this led to an interest in also showing cattle and hogs, becoming a part of the FFA…and, of course, an interest in Livestock Judging! Which is where the evidence lies of why a yellow ford with NC tags is parked everyday in El Dorado, KS! I am honored to say I’m a member of the well acclaimed, extremely accomplished, Butler Livestock Judging Team…and better yet, the Butler Ag family!

Grand Champion Market Lamb at the 2010 NC State Fair!

In recent news….the big decision that’s on all of the Butler Sophomore’s minds will soon take place! Where to transfer? Kansas State, Oklahoma State, Colorado State, or North Carolina State?….decisions, decisions! Wish me luck and say a few prayers along the way!

God bless and I look forward to sharing more soon!

Listen to Wagon Wheel!


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