Celebrate Life, Mr. President!

So this morning, Monday, February 20 (aka President’s Day) I got to thinking how President’s Day relates to agriculture, beef more specifically. I began pondering how President’s Day is a positive message to agriculture….and then it hit me!

President’s run our country, the President of the United States is in charge of decisions, and the welfare of our great nation. Clearly, they want to make the best choices, choices that will benefit Americans. And, although I can’t speak for political issues or party standpoints, there is one thing ALL Presidents have in common.

Starting with George Washington!

Including the great Abraham Lincoln

Including some more recent Presidents!

And yes....even this guy! Our current US President!

All of them have made time-crunching, tough, nail-biting, nation-scrutinized decisions! But eating beef was not one of those “challenging decisions”! That’s right….every single President we have ever had has been a consumer of beef (also pork, chicken, turkey, ect….)! Therefore, they must be advocators and supporters of our industry! If the President of the United States trusts American farmers, there is clearly no reason for anyone to question the safety of American beef! It’s the safest,  most affordable, most abundant food supply in the world!

Go farmers! Well, in honor of President’s Day….let’s go eat beef!! Beef, it’s what’s for dinner!

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