The Best Plane Ride Ever

So last week, in support of my younger brother, I flew down from Wichita to Houston to watch him show at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Even though my flight was delayed an hour (thanks a lot mother nature!) and even though the airlines somehow managed to send and leave my bags in Atlanta….it was still the MOST AWESOME plane ride ever.

Why?? You ask??

Well, it all started when I sat down next to a four-year old little girl and her mother. The young girl was reading a book about cows! I asked her all about cows and told her that I even raised them! She loved that! THEN about half-way through the plane ride I heard these two women in the seat behind me discussing their decisions to go vegan.

Oh boy. They sat way too near an agriculturalist to get away with that!

So I turned around and simply asked “Are you two going vegan?” they replied yes and the conversation began! It turns out that these two women had never even met before in their lives! I learned that both of them were trying to lose weight, and they had BOTH gone to two DIFFERENT nutritionists and BOTH their nutritionists had recommended that the healthiest lifestyle possible was going vegan!!! I was in shock! The women went on to tell me that they both loved steaks, cheese, milk, etc. but they were desperate to lose weight and steaks and cheese would prohibit that! I quickly informed them that there are 29 lean cuts of beef that a diet can have, and that I eat meat every day and still only weigh 125 pounds! (I think that got my point across!) I gave them websites with great beef recipes and wished them the best of luck!

So! Fellow agriculturalists, it CAN be done! Informing the public can start with one simple question! Best of luck….happy informing!

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One Comment on “The Best Plane Ride Ever”

  1. Awesome job! We are given lots of opportunities ever day to talk with consumers about our livelihoods.

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