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Fact: Humane Society of the United States

April 30, 2012

For all the agriculturalists out there, this video is worth a good laugh.

For everyone else, this video is slightly sarcastic, but more the truth!

The Humane Society of the United States capitalizes on using unwanted dogs and cats in their advertising to generate a budget of over 86 million dollars. The truth is only 1/2 of 1% of that 86 million dollar budget actually helps animal shelters! The majority of the money goes towards salaries, advertising and fundraising.

HSUS is in no way affiliated with local humane shelters!

Beef, it’s what’s for….lunch!!

April 22, 2012

FINALLY!! WE HAVE DEVELOPED A CURE….for lunches lacking beef, that is! I know around our college house, finding a healthy lunch meal is a difficult task….much less one that includes the beef products we so desire! Recently, my roommate Sarah introduced a meal idea that solves the “leftover pot roast problem”. Much like many houses, after fixing roast one night, we had leftovers. And leftover roast is personally not my favorite, but put it into this recipe and it rocks!

First, start with the yummy, delicious roast!

Gather the ingredients: mayonnaise, horseradish and sweet relish.

Chop up the roast and add the ingredients into a food processor.


Enjoy the recipe! Go beef!


Myth: Farmer’s Revenue

April 13, 2012

As agriculturalists I’m sure we have all heard accusations from anti-meat activist groups about how farmers thrive on income!

Examples: PETA believes “The farming industry strives to maximize output while minimizing costs” and so many more….! But, as farmers we know that income is perhaps the LAST reason we raise animals. To prove it, check out these statistics about Texas agriculture ALONE, just released in the Texas Agriculture Magazine.


Drought LOSSES for 2011:

$3.23 billion in cattle industry

$2.2 billion in cotton

$750 million in hay

$736 million in corn

$314 million in wheat

$385 million in sorghum

Still think farmers and ranchers thrive on income?? I think not! Go hug a farmer today….they need it!