A weekend in paradise


I snapped this pic this weekend while helping Josh Laflin clip sale heifers. As I stood back taking a look at our newly created art, I came to a realization. I have formed a passion for cattle that I cannot get away from. My weekends are always based around cattle. The best part, great people come in the package too. Whether it be working at a farm or enjoying a show, I am surrounded by a family like environment called the Cattle Industry. Honestly, I wouldn’t want to spend my weekends any other way.

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3 Comments on “A weekend in paradise”

  1. shinesr789 Says:

    whose cattle were you clipping on?

  2. Sm1 Says:

    I agree with passion and each moment. Moments come & go and your life’s passion will stay for along time, or until disrupted by life itself…..But how can you say life’s passion can be disrupted by life itself with each moment affected

  3. alm52 Says:

    We were at Laflin Angus Ranch, clipping on Josh’s sale heifers.

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