Hi I’m Dyson;)

Hello everyone my name is Dyson Runyan and I am from a small town in Oklahoma called Madill. I am a freshman at Butler Community College and am on the Livestock Evaluation Team where we rank livestock based on traits we deem is important to us (agriculturists) and the consumer (you.) I once thought it was my destiny to serve the Oklahoma FFA Association as a State FFA Officer, but as we all know dreams change, and we are forced to make decisions that we hope we would never have to make. And yes, If you are aware of the Process you have to go through in FFA to become a State FFA OFficer you are aware of the time and dedication it takes to become one. I thought I was ready and willing to become the best officer anyone could ever be, but guess what? God had other plans, God decided that I needed to be at Butler for a specific reason, the reason why… I still don’t know. All I know is that I have met another family. I consider all of my teammates as a brother, sister, and friend. I value all the relationships that I have made in the year at Butler greatly, as well as the ones to come. I have shown and raised pigs since I was 9 years old. I know that everyone thinks that pigs stink and that they are mistreated. But I can assure you, my pigs get treated like kings and queens, and over the next couple of years I will try to prove to you that my pigs are happy as can be. I will show you the inside looks of a Swine Farmer!! Yes i know it doesn’t seem that exciting but wait till you see how cute the babies are! Everyone will want to take one home after you see them! I hope everyone who reads this takes agriculture seriously because believe it or not, no matter your beliefs, if you eat your involved in agriculture. My purpose is to be an advocate for agriculture and to have fun while doing it, like letting you all see the insides of a small, country, swine farm!


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One Comment on “Hi I’m Dyson;)”

  1. Cindy Says:

    Well said Dyson!

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