It’s Good to be Back!

Life back in the 67042 is as exciting as ever! With a new semester comes new classes, new challenges, new experiences, and lots of new memories! While I did enjoy my break and all the time spent with friends and family, I am more than ready to get back into the swing of things. Already after just two short weeks back in El Dorado I feel as if we’ve been back for longer. After a hectic start to the semester; over sleeping, the brakes going out in my car, meeting my chem partner, and my first contest back, complete with 8 sets of reasons, I’d say it’s more than fair too admit that I wasn’t quite prepared for what some may call the crazyness of being a “judger”. But as with everything else there’s always “ups” and “downs” and I’m looking forward to continuing my semester with what I hope will be a little less flair!

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