My Name is…

Hello my name is Jacquelyn StGeorge. I made the long trip to El Dorado from a little town called Larwill, Indiana. Although this is where my address says I live, I like to say I am from the neighboring town called Columbia City. It is a much nicer establishment that accounts more than just a gas station and a set of railroad tracks. I can’t forget to mention though, that Larwill does have a post office, which if you have ever been driving down US 30 and blink, chances are you will miss the entire town. I am one of the newest bloggers for the Butler Ag Ambassadors and I hope to share some of my life stories with you. First though I would like to share a few things about myself.

1.) My sister Kennedy is my best friend. (Yes you may be seeing double because we are twins!) She is by quite some margin the main influence on why I am the way I am.

2.) Livestock judging is the second most important thing to me in my life. It has taught me how to believe in myself. Even thru the hardest days, I know that I have a support group that will guide me back to a better mind set 🙂 Along with evaluating good livestock I have learned valuable life lessons that I use everyday. This picture is from the 2012 Indiana State Contest where me and my teammates pulled thru our hardest season. We went in with little doubt placing in the top 10 but with God’s help we accomplished our biggest goal.

3.) I love showing livestock, especially beef cattle! This is the Shorthorn Heifer I showed last year. My adopted Dad and I made the transition from dairy cattle the beef cattle about 5 years ago, and now we run 19 cows. Slowly we increase our herd, and only hope for good functional cow prospects that will do alright in the show ring (Although winning is fun…it’s not everything to me).

Those are the three most important things to me in life right now. I live with no regrets, and try to cherish every moment I live. As you can see livestock takes up a huge chunk of my heart, but so does my family. Thru my postings I am certain you will hear about Kennedy, and some of the funny stories I have to share 🙂 I hope to educate about the agriculture around us…and most importantly I hope to make you smile and enjoy the people in your life!

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